Design Center Technology Enhances the Experience and Saves Time

Technology that saves you time and enhances the home-buying experience


Most homebuyers find selecting finishes and colors challenging.  Imaginarium helps buyers visualize their new home after selecting options, finishes and colors.  Enhance the experience, save time and sell more upgrades!


Imaginarium is your kitchen or bath!  Determine which upgrades, colors, finishes, appliances, lighting and fixtures to offer.  Let your homebuyers mix/match, make selections and email the final design to friends, family and your design team!


Imaginarium reduces design appointment times by up to 30%, resulting in a more satisfied homebuying experience.  Provide an easy-to-use, engaging experience and your buyers will be happy for years to come!

Help take the guesswork out of


Today’s consumer expects information at their fingertips and the new home experience is no different! Offer the full palette of room choices from cabinets and flooring to countertops. Include appliances, fixtures and even wall color choices if they’re offered.
Homebuyers are able to engage, interact and mix/match any of the choices to create their new home design.


Transform the design appointment


Technology helps buyers bridge the divide between the vast array of design possibilities and selections.
Help buyers imagine the results in an intuitive, easy-to-use experience either prior to or during their appointment. Imaginarium takes SST (self-service technology) to a whole new level.
Homebuyers are able to make final decisions faster so appointment timee shrink and they are more satisfied with the results.


Take it to the web 24/7


Design appointments are no longer restricted to a location: your homebuyer can preview design options and make selections from home, in the Sales Center, during model tours or in the Design Center using a phone or tablet.

Let your buyers take advantage of self-service technology and the range of personalization offered 24/7, anywhere/anytime!


Differentiate your brand


Homebuyers today view the new home buying process as another customer experience. They feel comfortable examining content and make choices digitally.

Imaginarium gives builders the opportunity to offer a value-unqiued experience – one this both unique and innovative. And, do you know that self service channels outperform in terms of consumer satisfaction?

Benefit from our

CPS has been providing innovative, easy-to-use and cost-effective software solutions for over 35 years. Take advantage of our knowledge of industry best practices, a homebuilder-centric software design and the ability to integrate seamlessly with other CPS software products and 3rd party applications.


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