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Effective & Innovative Homebuilder Software Since 1985

Founded in 1985, Computer Presentation Systems develops, markets and supports software for home builders and retailers ranging in size from local entrepreneurs to regional organizations to nationwide, NYSE corporations.

CPS has developed a reputation for innovative, easy-to-use and economical software products supported by 7-day/week, excellent customer service.

And, our software solutions are just a part of the collaborative process offered to builders. CPS provides implementation planning and technical support services as well as ongoing, 7-day/week service and support. All directed towards timely implementation and ongoing quality.

CPS retail tech QuikLine automated line management
CPS SalesTouch interactive kiosk

“It’s a relief to have responsive, dependable, knowledgeable & dedicated support when you need it — even on weekends.”

Mark Berkowitz

Project Sales Manager, Avalon Development Honolulu, HI

” Putting touchscreens in our sales centers has really impacted our business. They help us sell more homes and make the customer experience better!”

Evie Tavarez

Director, Business Development & Marketing Blackburn Communities

“We selected WarrantyWatcher because it is simple, yet complete, affordable and provides a user-friendly interface for homeowners to submit warranty items.”

Ashley Quinn

Owner, Cygnus Construction
Nashville, TN


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