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Improve your customers’ shopping experience with automated queue management and interactive customer comment board

CPS QuikLine automated line queueing


Effective line management improves both the customer experience and retailer’s profitability.

In today’s customer service environment, how people feel about waiting in line matters more than how long they wait. CPS QuikLine software manages the wait process notifying shoppers during the process and offers several unique components to automated queue management: use of over-the-counter hardware, integration with third-party applications, and multimedia reminders.

EXPLORERead about a Whole Foods QuikLine implementation in Tysons Corner VA

Customer Comment Board

CPS’ touchscreen-based Customer Comment Board acts as a proactive customer service process, where retail shoppers are asked to submit comments, suggestions, and ideas.

But, take a closer look at the Board — there’s all sorts of customer engagement initiatives such as calendars, video content and social media combined into a single board designed to enhance the shopping experience

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