Your sales office provides a distinct home-field advantage!

Your sales office provides a distinct home-field advantage!

Earlier this week, our CPS Solutions blog talked about marketing studies indicating that regardless of product — that is, whether it is consumer electronics, cars or new homes, for example — women are emerging as the primary role in decision-making.

We’d like to highlight another set of marketing data suggesting that even the most “dialed-in” retail locations (and..we’re all retailers at heart..wouldn’t you agree?) have room to improve their actual physical location as a place of engagement.  We’re going to provide several ideas to consider– and they’re completely different from yesterday’s Relater Suggestions #1 and #2!

In-house Idea #1: Be Bold and Strategic with Signage:

It bears repeating over and over…the mere fact a consumer walks through your doors indicates a level of interest in your product.  The good news is you have a physical location for prospects to visit and it is up to you to maximize its marketing value!

We spend a lot of time in this blog talking about interactive touchscreens and they’re certainly a way to go Bold and Strategic!  Interactive touchscreens engage prospects from the minute they walk in your door — and they’re great conversation starters.

Small sales trailer goes Bold & Strategic with Signage!

They’re other ways to go Bold, however, and several are probably well within your control.

No doubt, you’d like to engage your prospects and get them involved with your brand.  How visible are your calls to action?  Do you make connecting (via Facebook or other digital channels) clear and straightforward?

How about your prospect registration cards?  Do you “just” ask for information or do you include a QR code or piece of information found only on the card? Try kicking-up this process!  Think about the reg card as a means of two-way communication.

What about business cards?  Some might find them “old school” but..why not have them located so it is easy to pick one up?  Many times, business cards are put away in a desk or placed in some obscure location.

Selling new homes? Try putting a different piece of information along with your card in each model!  Mary Smith might not be interested in the rec center highlighted in Plan 2 but..very interested in the school information located in Plan 4.  Who knows what the next visitor will find interesting’re making an effort to reach out, offer something of unique interest and your contact info is attached to all of it! 

Did you know people find thowing out a business card with a photo very difficult?

Remember: your location provides you with a distinct home-field advantage.  Put it to good use!

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