Why Implement Interactive Kiosks in Your Sales Office?

Why Implement Interactive Kiosks in Your Sales Office?

SST: Attitudes are Changing About Self-Service Technology

Our Blog has been talking quite a bit about SST recently —  that’s self-service technology (read here and here). Self-service hasn’t always had the best of reputations; however, attitudes, preferences and expectations change quickly. One reason is changing demographics; another is technology.

Interactive meets the need for fast & concise information!

So far, we’ve focused on the operations side of homebuilding as technology provides builders with a new way to make information available 24/7 to their vendors, homebuyers and staff within their organization as they’re able to leverage cloud-based solutions.

It’s communication without conversation!

Interactive Kiosks are Self-Service and More!

Interactive technology provides many of the customer service benefits associated with self-service.
Whether your demographic is Boomers or Millennials, your home shoppers want fast and concise information. And, they’re interested in content that’s tailored to their specific situation: that’s personalization! That type of information delivery adds up to a new level of customer service that’s actionable and personable!
Interactive reaches across demographics!
Interactive technology goes a step further as it delivers content that’s engaging, exciting and impactful.

Why Interactive is a Must for Homebuilders!

First, it’s engaging! Take a second to ponder what are you more likely to look at and consider: a static sign with pre-determined messaging or a screen that offers you a choice of content (and that’s designed to be tailored to your objective)?
81% of survey respondents say interactive displays grab their attention more effectively than static
CPS has been providing interactive touchscreen systems since 2008 and we’ve always said: interactive grabs your home shopper’s attention from the minute they walk in the sales office door!
And, it’s not just that there are gorgeous graphics! Grab your attention means providing the type of information your home shopper is seeking!  They’re able to drill down beyond those gorgeous graphics to the details behind your floorplans (yes; there’s a Jack and Jill bath; yes: the bonus room can turn into a 5th bedroom!), drag ‘n drop furniture to see how your plan fits their lifestyle and email/print the results!
They’re locating actionable and personalized information, in other words.  That’s what interactive digital technology is designed to provide.  Our next Blog will focus on how exciting and memorable signage will further your sales efforts.

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