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FieldCollaborate – Web-based Construction Management Software Tools

Provides complete Construction Scheduling including Schedule Templates, production of individual lot schedules, tracking and recording progress, rescheduling/recalculation tools, home buyer option/upgrade selections and job-site use via FieldCollaborate Mobile.

Top 10 Reasons Builders Choose FieldCollaborate

Real-time data, 24/7

  • FieldCollaborate is web-based so the builder’s entire team has anywhere/anytime access to schedules, vendors, reports…everything!

Go Mobile!

  • Field personnel have schedules, punch items and reports available 24/7 on their phones and tablets.

Vendors Are in the Loop

  • Giving vendors access to the Portal provides them with the same 24/7, real-time view for schedules, documents, drawings and punch items.

Home Buyers Feel Included

  • The Portal is open to buyers, too – they’re able to browse stage-of-construction photos and schedules.

Easy-to-Learn and Use

  • FieldCollaborate takes advantage of predefined schedules created by the builder. And, there’s an unlimited number available for use.

Keeps the Focus on Punch

  • FieldCollaborate lets field personnel associate punch items with individual tasks and keeps reminding vendors until the rework is completed.

Incorporates Quality Inspections

  • Associates a QI checklist with a task so field managers are automatically prompted and better able to catch issues early.

Constantly Communicates

  • Everyone has access to the same information 24/7 and, if things change, automatic notifications flag the update.

Shines a Light on Safety

  • FieldCollaborate makes Safety Assessment monitoring and tracking just another part of the scheduling and reporting process.

Grows as We Grow

  • FieldCollaborate uses a Microsoft SQL Server database that is not only stable but scalable. That means the software is designed to manage 10 lots just as effectively as 100, 1,000 or 10,000.

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