Where are you? Employee-Focused Sales vs. Leave Me Alone, I’m Shopping

Where are you? Employee-Focused Sales vs. Leave Me Alone, I’m Shopping

Thought provoking article in a Wall Street Journal article regarding retail marketing; you can view it here.

The author, Elizabeth Holmes, describes a new shopping paradigm for Clinique, as an example of the changes underway in retail.  Most women can relate to “old school” cosmetic shopping: almost everything was behind glass and available only with a salesperson’s assistance.  Prices were invisible.  Product demos were generally limited to those provided by a Clinique consultant.

Open Selling: your buyers are actively engaged with your product!

Now, Clinique is moving to an “open sell” environment.  Items are out front and available for testing.  One-on-one selling is going away — and it’s not because Clinique is trying to economize.  They’re also adding “experiential” components such as iPads and other self-service capabilities.

“Open selling” recognizes shoppers want to shop in different ways.  And, Clinique reports the new strategy has increased sales in many locations — some in the double-digits. 

How does your sales/leasing office respond to the desire to “shop in different ways“?  In previous blogs, we’ve talked about “narrowcasting” — the opposite of traditional news and information broadcasting as the seller allows prospects to determine what they want to view in order to influence the purchase decision.

Interactive touchscreens hit both of these points — shoppers can “pull” information of interest and shop at their own speed.  Want to find out about local schools?  The information is there!  Interested in the local arts scene?  That’s available, too!  Over 55 and want to shop in a quiet location at your own speed?  Try our bar height touchpads!

Yes, this new shopping environment may require additional content but…as Ricardo Quintero, Clinique’s Senior VP and Global General Manager says, “Consumers want the freedom to have knowledge and service on demand.”

CPS offers interactive systems designed to help home shoppers “shop in different ways.” Whether a SalesTouch system such as highlighted in the photo (above) or iPads, Windows tablets or mobile websites, we’re helping builders and developers get experiential! Find out more here.

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