What’s Trending for Customer Service? Think Proactive, Omnichannel

What’s Trending for Customer Service? Think Proactive, Omnichannel

It’s been said that effective customer service is both a strategy and philosophy as much as a major business function.  As a result, it makes sense to monitor trends and understand new channels in order to evaluate whether it makes sense to modify your customer service strategy. We’ve seen two major trends emerge over the last year:

Interactive Touchscreen: Proactive Customer Service

(1) Proactive interaction — Most agree that customer service shouldn’t focus only on “putting out fires.” It’s about developing relationships from the first point of contact. Providing proactive interaction shows you support your customers and reduces the number of fires long-term.  Utilizing”self-service” throughout your engagement process allow customers to interact at their timing. You’ll start the conversation as your consumers provide feedback, suggestions and requests ahead of a critical item. Using technology (such as a knowledge base) lets your customers engage with you and each other. Your customers will tell you about their interests and concerns when presented with the ability to interact.

(2) Omnichannel customer serviceZendesk reports 2014 is shaping up as the year of omnichannel. An interesting blog suggests consumers are becoming more comfortable interacting with companies via email, phone, in store, etc.  What’s really interesting to read is how companies benefit when providing multiple engagement channels — that is, there are economic benefits: 75% of consumers would return to businesses with excellent customer service, 33% would spend more and 50% would recommend the business to friends and family.

CPS’ SalesTouch provides for both proactive and omnichannel interaction. Take a look at the interactive Customer Comment Board at Whole Foods — shoppers are solicited for opinions, requests and feedback as well as given the opportunity to recommend a Team Member’s efforts.  And, shoppers are able to review other shopper’s requests and comments.  Interested in cambozola cheese? Let the store know — and they’ll provide you with recipes! Need a product you can’t find on the shelves? Let the store know so they can start stocking it!  The conversations are endless — and engaging for both customer and business.

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