What’s Hot in Digital Signage? Data-driven Content

What’s Hot in Digital Signage? Data-driven Content

Real-time, data-driven content answers consumer questions

It’s interesting to see, in screenmediamag.com, that “data-driven content” is right up there in a recent “What’s Hot?” article.  It’s alongside NFC (near field communication) — a much newer digital signage component providing for simplified transactions between two devices located in close proximity.

CPS has been providing data-driven content in our interactive touchscreen product, SalesTouch, since it was introduced.  We thought it made sense to display real-time information in every presentation.  Who wants to see old, outdated information? Or have to ask even the most basic questions?

Looking for a new home?  SalesTouch displays current inventory and pricing.  Interested in apartment living?  SalesTouch displays available units meeting your desired criteria (one bedroom, view of the river and on a higher floor).  Visiting the Navy Yard?  CPS’ interactive map allows you to search through personnel, find their location and notify them of your arrival.

That’s what data-driven content brings to digital signage!  Consumers find real answers to their questions.  An equally powerful component is seamless integration whereby data in one system (e.g., current inventory and unit pricing found in a third-party accounting application) displays in another (the SalesTouch interactive sitemap). Great to find out that this is considered HOT!

And, we can help with NFC, too!

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