What To Do to Get More Customers?

What To Do to Get More Customers?

Traditionally, salespeople would answer this question by saying: have a good product, put together a great marketing program, cold call leads…you get the idea!  All over the place, in other words.

Leo Widrich, in a BufferApp blog available here, suggests we need to spend time understanding how our customers think — and increased sales will result.

SalesTouch: Light Up Their Brain..and Go Green, too!

He talks about 10 things you can apply today to get more customers; we’ve narrowed his list down to 3:

(1) Use Urgency the Smart Way — creating a sense of urgency or scarcity is known to drive up sales (think: iPad, Elmo, Wii). 

What Howard Leventhal suggests is critical: people tend to block out urgent messages if they aren’t given information on how to followup!

There’s a message for every builder: put your CRM to use! That means schedule follow-up activities for your agents (emails, phone call reminders, hard copy mailings) — whether agent-generated or automatic. 

(2) Make Their Brains Light Up ‘Instantly” — It’s your brain’s frontal cortex that is highly active when we think about waiting for something.

Appeal to pain points — fast!  Think about using an interactive touchscreen system and “hot spot” local areas and amenities that solve buyer problems.  How close are the schools?  Is there great dining close-by? Highlight your floor plan with a lower level master!

(3) Stand for Something — “Green” is critical to today’s Millennial consumer (and important to Boomers, too!); many builders are incorporating green features in their homebuilding process.

Go Green: use an interactive touchscreen to illustrate your “behind the walls” process.  Take advantage of “print on demand” brochure features — or provide an “easy to email” brochure as you embrace “green” in your marketing efforts.  You’d be shocked how many people will say, “Thank you for not inundating me with all that paper!”

Find out more about CRM 2.0 and SalesTouch (CPS’ interactive touchscreen system) here: www.cpsusa.com.

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