What is Your Unique Selling Proposition?

What is Your Unique Selling Proposition?

Why should someone buy from you?

Robert Clay, in his blog, Marketing Wizdom Tips No. 1 & 2, suggests that fewer than one business in a thousand can answer that question in a compelling manner. 

Are you that powerful number one or a member of the anonymous 999?

Don’t you agree: there’s a unique selling proposition here?

Can you tell someone what differentiates your business, what’s unique, offering a superior benefit or providing something irresistible? 

There’s actually at least two elements involved in that conversation: your actual unique selling proposition and how you tell that story.  We’ll let you work on what is unique as we concentrate on telling the story.

Communicating your benefits quickly, clearly and effectively is critical — and an interactive touchscreen will help.  Guaranteed.  Have you been in a sales location that has one?  It brings energy; immediately engaging visitors and getting them involved in your product. 

We’re going to be at the International Builders Show in Orlando, Feb. 8-10.  Talking about our unique selling proposition as we demonstrate how we can help you communicate yours — stop by!

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