What Does 89% Mean for New Home Sales?

What Does 89% Mean for New Home Sales?

There are all sorts of percentages floating around in the new home sales world but this one is striking: 89% of home sales have a Realtor involved according to new home sales marketing consultant, Myers Barnes.

New home sales and resale.. combined.  89% of first time buyers; 87% of move-up; 89% of 55+ buyers.

Effective CRM use helps build this pipeline!

What does that mean for you as a new home sales or marketing professional? It suggests getting in better touch with this critical part of the sales process will help you sell more homes!

“Wait!” you might say, “Most of my buyers are finding me on the internet! How important can these agents be?  My shoppers are browsing the web, shopping on their mobile, checking Zillow.”

To paraphrase that well known car ad: today’s Realtor isn’t your father’s Realtor!  Agents aren’t necessarily driving buyers around town…their value has transitioned to being seen as assisting in the negotiation process, helping narrow down alternatives and providing the “latest” information.

What can you do to build this pipeline of sales prospects?  Build and nurture the relationships. Agents say they want to be recognized and appreciated when bringing prospects into the sales office.  They’d like programs oriented towards their needs; think community tours on “off days”, targeted follow-up with new information, collateral they can distribute.  What about a community-specific app?

CPS’ CRM provides all sorts of co-op agent tools so you’re able to designate agents, find out who are your best performers, setup and manage events and faciliate consistent, effective followup.  We’ll help you grab a bigger part of that 89%!

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