What Can You Do with This: 91% of New Home Buying Decisions Made by Women?

What Can You Do with This: 91% of New Home Buying Decisions Made by Women?

This somewhat amazing, depending on your perspective, statistic begs you to ask: Is My Sales Strategy Focused Enough on What Motivates Women to Buy?

Relevant, relatable and… more details available!

The Blog has talked previously about the role women play in decision-making purchase decisions (not just in homes, either). Women are key decision-makers in consumer electronics, cars, furnishings, etc. purchases.

Have you thought about your marketing & sales strategies in terms of how they recognize and respond to women’s values and needs?

Did you know women are the “most” connected consumer?  Men aren’t the only geeks in your audience, in other words!  Are you taking advantage of the latest electronic means to connect?This doesn’t just mean FaceBook and Twitter..it suggests mobile, not mailers, for example. Downloadable apps, interactive sales offices, web site Chat.

And, studies suggest women see information, products and even themselves in terms of how they relate to others. Marketing messages resonate more when they tell relevant stories.  And, studies suggest the story’s details matter.

Take another look at the  interactive touchscreen image designed for Minto Florida at Harbour Isle. Doesn’t this image tell a dynamic story?  Yes; we’re in a new home sales office but it’s much more than that: family, comfort, generational interaction.  Wouldn’t you want to find out more about how to be in this photograph? Just by looking at the menu, you already know that details are available to help in your decision-making.

We’ll be talking further about women and marketing, your connected audience and the power of relevant and relatable stories!

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