What Builds a Customer Relationship? Conversation!

What Builds a Customer Relationship? Conversation!

We all can recognize an essential fact about conversations: it’s really difficult to have one with someone you don’t know!  Where do you start? Do we have a common interest?

Interactive Touchscreens Engage & Start the Conversation

That’s one reason we champion interactive touchscreens for use in sales and information centers: they get conversations started.  Between home shoppers, between consumers and sales agents, even between prospects and a touch monitor!

People walk up to a touch monitor when its visually inviting.  They’ve seen a message they’re interested in and want to start engaging.  In other words, they’re starting the conversation with your brand!

Take a look at the image above: the home shopper has viewed Camberley Homes’ Lakeshore floor plan and taken time to personally note they love the Open Kitchen.

What can we gather from this interaction? We’ll suggest that a conversation has been started, the sales person can participate and build on the interest in the open kitchen: what’s most interesting in the kitchen, would you like to tour the model, what else do you like about the Lakeshore model? 

All  that conversation…started with a touch! Ask us how CPS’ interactive touchscreen system, SalesTouch, can get conversations started in your sales and leasing offices!

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