We’re All in the Customer Service Business!

We’re All in the Customer Service Business!

Not that long ago, many organizations didn’t necessarily think they were in the customer service business. Doctors, for example.  They treated illness, set bones and the like. Home builders, possibly.  Their business: homebuilding.

Get Proactive! Offer 24/7 communication channels

Today, with the advent of social media and culture changes, interaction with customers needs to be top of every organization’s mind. Whether its Twitter, Facebook or an organization’s own web page, customers have plenty of opportunities to speak their mind about product, service, followup… just about everything!

And, satisfying expectations for “good service” has expanded, as well.  It used to be a “thank you” card was considered thoughtful and enough.

Today, a continued conversation needs to accompany a homebuyer from purchase to closing and throughout the warranty period. BuilderIQ notes that buyers “start to regret” the purchase when they don’t hear from their builder during the post-sale process. That’s a fairly radical thought!

One solution: get proactive! Setup processes and systems that enable your buyers (and homeowners) to engage with you in a consistent, straightforward manner. Timing is everything: when an item is top of mind, people want to be able to communicate!  And, communication doesn’t have to mean conversation.

Take a look at CPS’ FieldCollaborate and WarrantyWatcher Portals as examples of proactive and effective customer service. Are you a homebuyer that doesn’t live in the immediate area but is interested in seeing the latest stage of construction images? How about a schedule summary or a list of selected options? It’s all there — available via desktop, phone, tablet!

Maybe you’re a homeowner with a disturbing leak, leak, leak in the master bathroom shower. No need to wait until 8am, Monday to contact your builder’s customer service department. Log-on Sunday night and submit your warranty request — and then check status on Monday when the office opens.

And, remember: the primary driver of new home buyer referrals is a homebuyer satisfied with their builder’s communication process!

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