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Homeowner and

Vendor Portals


Capture, Document and Distribute

Let the Homeowner Portal collect service requests so you can spend more time resolving them. Send out immediate Acknowledgment or Offer to Repair forms that let your customer know their issues are being addressed and satisfy many states “right to repair” regulations.  Correspondence records are automatically dated and recorded. Upload any supporting images or documents and distribute the Work Order to vendor with just a click.

Dashboard Management

WarrantyWatcher automatically loads a customizable and interactive dashboard to:

  • Help keep you focused on the longest outstanding issues
  • Show recent trends by trades, contractors, communities and more
  • Provide real time overview/analytics of issues by all aging periods

Instant Search

Type a buyer name, address, contractors name or work order to get quick access information.  One click takes you directly to the data without navigating any menu system or interface.  Be efficient, be productive.

Merge Documents

Take advantage of Microsoft Word document merge features that are extremely easy to use and  help automate communications to homebuyers such as walkthroughs or warranty deadline notifications.


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