Using YouTube as a “personal” sales tool

Using YouTube as a “personal” sales tool

Just returned from an excellent Jeff Shore/Jason Forrest Sales Leadership Summit in Dallas, TX.

The seminar focused on providing management coaching for sales agents and one of the points I liked was the need to develop “personal” sales tools.  Jeff Shore demonstrated an example: an agent, having shown a home in the morning, following-up with a cell phone photo or video with a sunset view from the patio.  If the video is too long, Shore suggested, post it on YouTube and send a link.

Upon my return, saw a saved Wall Street Journal article discussing small business use of You Tube and other video sites.   Then, there’s another article in the same Small Business section, “Talk is Cheap: Word of Mouth Advertising can be targeted, inexpensive and effective — if done well.”

That’s how I see YouTube being a “personal” sales tool…an individual — sales agent, marketing coordinator, anyone — is able to take a topic (whether specific to an individual, a product, or company) and use it as a sales tool via YouTube or other video site.  Sometimes, you’ll have an event (like the sunset) that can be captured and sent along with a message (Your new view!); or it’s possible to use an event to create the message.

For example, one of CPS’ SalesTouch interactive touchscreen presentations was the recipient of a Southern California industry award.  Yes; attendees heard that news but…we wanted more people to hear it! YouTube gave us an excellent vehicle to get the word out — as well as serve as an ongoing piece of marketing collateral.  We created a 5-minute video featuring the presentation and posted it.  Some find it via keyword search and we use it as another piece of marketing collateral.  Another social networking tool as well as a cost-effective way to communicate.  Here’s a link:

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