Using CRM to Extend Sales Office Hospitality

Using CRM to Extend Sales Office Hospitality

Always love seeing Amy O’Connor’s posts on Jeff Shore’s website.  Amy blogs in addition to providing new home sales seminars — and she brings a great combination of insight, humor and kindness to her commentary.

Technology Will Enhance Your Welcome Message!

Recently read 3 Southern Hospitality Tips That Will Increase Your Sales and could imagine Amy asking “How’s your Mama doin’?” to a sales office visitor in that great Southern drawl of hers!

Of course, not many of us could ask that question like Amy can but… got us thinking about how the concept of hospitality fits into today’s new home sales skill set.  And, what tools might an agent use to consistently enhance the home shopping experience?

Amy’s #1 hospitality tip is Express Gratitude. There are lots of new home sales offices out there but this particular home shopper selected yours!  Let them know you are happy they visited and welcome them into your office.

This first visit should be just the beginning of your hospitality touch points. Did you know technology can help you enhance the welcome after the home shopper leaves your office?  Let your home shoppers know you listened and remember their unique reason for the visit.

The percentage of new home sales agents following-up with even a basic Thank You! is very small.

You will stand out with your show of hospitality touchpoints, in other words!

Let’s assume you’re already recording prospect visits; why not take the extra step and associate a particular area of prospect interest (a floor plan, amenity or an interest in schools)? Have these items setup in advance so you’re selecting from a list of “reasons” for the stop at your office!

Then, have a preset series of Thanks for Visiting emails offering a little extra about their particular interest.

It’s true; people aren’t wild about generic emails.  Set yourself and your community apart from the generic with an informative (and hospitable) follow-up focused on a specific topic.  Think of the possibilities: adding a quick video about an amenity, taking your prospect on a short, cell-phone tour of Plan 2’s kitchen!

Wondering how you can become more hospitable with technology? CPS has been providing CRM software to homebuilders for a bit more than 30 years — we can show you!

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