Tweets and Facebook posts: Today’s version of a referral?

Tweets and Facebook posts: Today’s version of a referral?

Sharing the experience: Lyon Homes’ San Carlos Court

This week there have been two articles with seemingly divergent themes: CCES’ article, “9 Purely Business Reasons to “Green” Your Company” and Dawn Sadler’s “Creating a Legacy Brand” on

But..are they actually related?

CCES suggests there are 9 purely business reasons why “green” benefits a company’s bottom line.  Sadler notes that the only marketing program that will continue to drive homebuilder business is referrals. CCES doesn’t mention referrals; Sadler doesn’t mention green.

We’d like to suggest there are a number of similarities — and that an interactive touchscreen can enter this discussion, as well.  Do you remember an earlier discussion about “helicopter friends”?  Today, shoppers Tweet, Facebook and otherwise share information, recollections, and experiences with their friends based upon all sorts of events…including shopping.
Isn’t sharing today’s version of a referral?  

Put a shopper-friendly (and “green” with paper-saving and/or print on-demand features) interactive touchscreen in your business — and you’ll see not only positive feedback from your potential buyers but “sharing” amongst friends!  And, there are the “green” business benefits (cost savings, improved efficiencies, employee morale) that tag along, as well.

As Dawn Sadler notes, ” it’s not how much you intended the experience, it is how your buyer experienced it!”

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