Townhouse Construction Increasing: Weather Can Motivate Buyers

Townhouse Construction Increasing: Weather Can Motivate Buyers

A recent Eye on Housing report from the National Association of Home Builders projected the share of  townhouse construction to increase from its current 4%  (do you remember the days of a 12% share back in 2004)?

NOAA 2/2014 Average temp comparison!!

Now, take a look at the NOAA February 2014 weather map on the left!

What might that map suggest to you when marketing your new townhome community? Some parts of the country usually factor in  weather but.. who would expect agents in Atlanta, Birmingham, Charlotte or even Myrtle Beach to develop new selling points focused on weather?

We’d suggest go interactive and provide an Advantages of Townhome Living section.  Your home shoppers typically look at floor plans and sitemaps; however, they might not focus on all of the advantages your townhomes offer.

You might visually mention: No Shoveling, No Exterior Maintenance, Community Gym Available (no driving at the end of the day!), Community Clubhouse Available (sense of community available here!),  Underground Parking (no scraping!) and the like. Maybe another No Shoveling Necessary image could cycle through!

Tongue in cheek? Sure…but, we all know there are all sorts of motivators in the purchase process!

Include pictures —  perhaps a “behind the scenes” video introducing the company managing all of your day-to-day maintenance activities.  Highlight Clubhouse activities — the Halloween Party, July 4th celebration, St. Patrick’s Day Beer Tasting.  Show off your amenities, noting they’re available 365 days/year and 24 hours a day! Within walking distance of schools, grocery shopping, employers, public transport? Highlight Close to Everything! in your interactive neighborhood map.

Other current buying trends include a buying power shift to women and millenials.  Take a look at the map, again; think about the features and amenities that appeal to these demographics.  Put the power of touch to work for you with an Advantages of Townhome Living interactive!

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