Touchscreens: Illustrating Livability

Touchscreens: Illustrating Livability

We suggested in an earlier blog that a successful interactive touchscreen system helps your home shoppers become more engaged as they find out about your product and more informed when they begin a model tour. 

They’re not just looking, in other words, once they’re taking the model tour; they’re already making decisions.

Help your buyer visualize living in the community

That concept is actually one of the major differences between touching a screen and a mouse click: the brain is making decisions with each touch.

Well-designed touchscreen systems incorporate this powerful concept into their design. No doubt you’ve heard us say SalesTouch is more than “just a pretty face.” Design, when you’re thinking about touchscreens definitely includes great-looking photos, virtual tours and video.  It expands to include considering the target market, neighborhood features, selling opportunities.

Energy savings interest every demographic!

Encourage touching by showing information your buyer wants more of: livability items (neighborhood shopping, dining, schools and recreation), home specialty items (lazy Susans, open wire shelving in the closets), green features (tankless water heaters, Smart vents). 

Keep in mind: effective design directed towards encouraging decision-making  has to be oriented towards your buyer demographic and their livability objectives. There’s absolutely no sense, in other words, in showing 55+ images to first-time buyers (or the reverse). Both generations are interested in energy savings, however.

 Use the touchscreen to visually describe how your community meets your buyer’s livability objectives.

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