Today’s Home Buyers are Looking for…Energy Efficiency is in the Top 3

Today’s Home Buyers are Looking for…Energy Efficiency is in the Top 3

The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) recently reported (MortgageOrb summarized here) that today’s single-family home buyer’s list of most desired features includes: convenience, livability and energy efficiency.

Energy Efficiency: How Buyers Can Save $$

Do you recall an earlier Solutions blog, Bringing Green Out from “Behind the Walls?”

Energy efficiency is right there in the Top 3 desired features — specifically Energy-Star rated windows, programmable thermostats and Energy-Star rated appliances.

How does your Marketing Plan address these buyer objectives? We’d like to suggest Go Interactive with a SalesTouch system engaging

Show your buyers how a programmable thermostat works

your home shoppers and providing an interactive experience highlighting the “green” features of your homes and the benefits. 

Get specific: show them how much they can expect to save with new energy-efficient appliances.  How cool a room stays with low thermal emissivity windows.  How a programmable thermostat works and why it is so useful in a new home.

And, how about incorporating these “green” features into a “green” marketing program?  Go Interactive  provides print on-demand brochures as well as e-brochures. Build your “green” brand as you provide energy-efficient solutions at the first consumer encounter as well as within your homes!

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