Today’s 55+ Market: How to get this new generation to move?

Today’s 55+ Market: How to get this new generation to move?

Boyce Thompson blogs on Builder and highlighted the size of today’s senior housing market in Seniors Housing: Looking for New Business Models.  Every 7-8 seconds..a boomer turns 65 and starts to make decisions about where and how they will spend the rest of their lives.

Thompson suggests the question for builders is: “What will it take to get this new generation to move?

How to get this new 55+ generation to move? Lifestyle marketing is key!

There’s a lot involved in that question as lifespans are longer, current home equity has been depleted, family roles are changing and the like.  But, everyone  agrees on one thing: Seniors want plenty of things to do.

As you evaluate your 55+ marketing plans, are you considering today’s 55+ buyer’s interest in technology and how that can shape your lifestyle presentations? Interactive touchscreen systems sell lifestyle and today’s 55+ home shopper is comfortable using technology to browse and purchase.  Did you know the fastest growing demographic on Facebook? Women over 55!

We’ll be blogging more about the interactive touchscreen value proposition for the 55+ market moving forward … and keep in mind that helicopter kids can be just as focused as helicopter parents!

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