Steps to Building Brand Loyalty

Steps to Building Brand Loyalty

Remember clienteling? That’s the blending of digital and physical worlds in order to maximize your customer’s buying journey. Check out an earlier Blog for more details here.

Whole Foods blends digital and physical with a Customer Comment Board 

Without an exceptional customer experience, Chad Hendren suggests, it is very difficult to create brand loyalty.

Think about even the simplest exceptional experiences you’ve encountered: the Costco sample tasting stations, Nordstrom’s “anytime” return policy, Enterprise-Rent-A-Car’s willingness to pick you up at home. There’s no doubt you’ll compare your next purchase experience at a similar business to what you’ve already experienced and consider as an example of great customer service.

A well-known rule of thumb is it costs 5 times as much to attract a new customer than to keep an existing one. Why not focus marketing time and effort on building loyalty by creating amazing experiences with your current customers?

Do you shop at Whole Foods Market?  Have you ever asked a Team Member for help locating something? They’ll walk you across the store to locate the requested item!

Think about that customer journey — and the amazing customer service you just experienced — and you recognize they’re extending that one-on-one experience with an omnichannel customer service platform.

Whole Foods has placed interactive touchscreen-based Customer Comment Boards in their stores so shoppers can submit comments, make requests, watch video, check the latest store specials, view Twitter feeds — and thank Team Members!  It’s a seamless, end-to-end customer experience.  Store Management can extend the proactive customer service by reaching out with an email regarding the shopper comment or Thank You.

Retail Customer Experience suggests that going omnichannel — bringing multiple channels together, makes it possible to exceed customer expectations with experiences focused on customer needs.  CPS offers interactive Comment Boards —  contact us to determine if proactive customer service can help increase your brand loyalty!

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