Social Media Wall Selected!! Best of IBS Awards Finalist

Social Media Wall Selected!! Best of IBS Awards Finalist

Bob Musa, CPS’ President says, “Wow; we were thrilled to hear our Social Media Wall has been selected as a Finalist in the 2016 Best of IBS Awards!”  Musa continues, “What business wouldn’t be excited to hear such news in this relatively quiet holiday week?”

Let’s #GetSocial!

Social Media Wall combines traditional marketing copy and images with curated social media content. A sales office or information center uses it to create social media conversations between sales/marketing staff, home shoppers, buyers and related parties — as a part of the general marketing program.

“We’ve found,” Musa adds, “that new home marketing has changed over the last decade with the introduction of digital technologies.  Now, technology is customer-facing and Social Media Wall  effectively moves social media off the desktop and mobile device into the sales center.”

A key component of Social Media Wall, Musa explainss, is curated content — meaning that CPS provides a back-end, web-based management tool for reviewing social media messaging and determining which Tweets and posts will display on the Wall.

Look us up at the 2016 International Builders Show — we’ll be in Booth 2856 in the nextBuild area!

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