Social Media Engagement — try it in your sales office!

Social Media Engagement — try it in your sales office!

A recent Kyle Wong article in Forbes makes a strong statement regarding the value of social media:

 Tradigital: adding digital engagement to traditional marketing
There is a near consensus that social media marketing is valuable because it allows companies to directly engage with their customers, build brand presence and ultimately sell more products.

Social Media is big and, according to a recent McKinsey & Co. report, is growing faster than any other technology before.  Just to put that thought into perspective, broadcast radio took almost 40 years to reach a 50-million listener audience; TV took more than 10 years.  Both Twitter and Facebook made it in less than 1 year.

Yes, but…is social media corporate-friendly? McKinsey suggests social media has become a commercial force to be reckoned with. Social media drives consumer empowerment though increased levels of corporate accessibility — which becomes brand engagement which turns into purchasing.  Did you realize 66% of consumers say they trust online opinions/comments/likes — second in trustworthiness to recommendations from people they know in real life!

We’ll be blogging about Social Media throughout 2015.  For now, we wanted to showcase CPS’ Social Media Wall — a unique combination of traditional marketing media (photographs, video) and social media to create an ever changing display highlighting a new home neighborhood, its homeowners and prospective buyers.  Definitely tradigital!

How does a Social Media Wall function?  A set of images (lifestyle, homes, community amenities, schools, etc.) is established.  Twitter and Instagram hastags are established and whenever there’s a related Tweet or post, it appears on the Social Media Wall interspersed with the “static” images.  The Wall goes beyond traditional marketing as it actively engages both current and potential customers!

How can the Wall be put to use in a sales office? Think of a neighborhood-wide July4th party and #July4MyCommunity. Every picture posted or tweeted will have the opportunity to be displayed as party of the sales office Social Media Wall.  It’s curated, of course; an administrative website provides a mechanism to review every item before it appears on the wall. Your audience is generating marketing materials for you!

Social media, according to McKinsey, affects the entire value chain — from product development through marketing, sales and service.  Contact us for Social Media Wall details and get your sales/leasing office and information center engaged!

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