Signs of a Successful Interactive Touchscreen Installation

Signs of a Successful Interactive Touchscreen Installation

Is there a way to measure the success of an Interactive Touchscreen Installation?

We’d like to suggest the answer is, “YES!” with the caveat that every client needs to step back and ask, “What was our objective when we selected the interactive touchscreen?”  And, no doubt there are multiple reasons!  We’ll be addressing a number of them in this blog over the next few days.

Interactive Touchscreen Systems Engage Shoppers!

1. Shoppers Get Engaged

Many of our touchcreen systems located in a new home sales office have, as their primary objective, engaging prospects as they enter the office — meaning stopping them upon entering and encouraging them to interact with the product.

Traditionally, these offices have had static signage — a topo table, information on the walls, brochures. How many of your prospects breeze in, say “Just looking!” and walk right out of the office into a model?  Not much time to talk about what makes your community unique– features, amenities, “behind the walls,” energy efficiency — or determining the shoper’s needs and wants.

A well-designed interactive touchscreen system draws prospects into identifying their needs and wants as they “find out more” by browsing your product through touchable items.  Your “just looking” home shopper is presented with visually appealing images drawing their attention.  Not too many prospects will turn to page 11 in the brochure to find out about energy savings; but, most will touch the light bulb illustrating energy savings.  It’s quick, speaks to their need to know and information-packed.

What do our clients tell us is the first sign of a successful touchscreen system?  Engaged prospects who actually “pre-qualify” themselves!  They know more about your product, have specific questions for the agent and enjoy being in an environment that is “technology-forward.”

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