Selling New Homes? How Your Neighborhood Can Win Over Resale

Selling New Homes? How Your Neighborhood Can Win Over Resale

Home shoppers today can find many reasons to purchase new: improved construction processes (think structural reinforcements if you’re selling in tornado- or hurricane-prone areas); energy efficient appliances and related savings, customization choices…no doubt, much of your sales and marketing attention focuses on these tangible items (and it should!).

Close to Everything: Take a Look at What Interests You!
At the same time, Marilyn Lewis’ article, 20 Signs You’re Buying in a Great Neighborhood, reminds us “a great neighborhood sells a home”!

What are you doing to promote your new neighborhood? Lewis’ article (you can read it here) suggests the first thing you can do is: get out and learn about the neighborhood! Take a walk, pick up a latte, locate school resource guides and, soon, you’ll feel comfortable talking-up the area to your home shoppers.

Lots going on in this walkable neighborhood!

Of course, there are brochures, guides and the like but…why not put technology to work introducing your neighborhood to your home shoppers?  Make it an engaging exploration; add personalized touches (we love the John Marshall’s “Must Try” pick for their dining examples); Go Interactive!

Take a look at the SalesTouch interactive touchscreen presentation location displays above and to the right: you’re able to view the local  area map and select a topic of interest mirroring today’s buyer interests: schools, dining, shopping, recreation, transportation, places of worship, walkability.  Not only are home shoppers interested in what’s nearby — they want to see how community residents are connected and invested.

You’ll be offering an innovative approach to information — and not only will you have more interesting and factual data than most resale agents can provide, you’ll put your new neighborhood at the buyer’s fingertips in your sales or leasing office! Then, let them explore and find out how your community meets their needs!

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