Say Hello! to a lifestyle focused on community, connection, quality…

Say Hello! to a lifestyle focused on community, connection, quality…

Finally had a chance to read The Power of the Post-Recession Consumer, by John Gerzema and Michael D’Antonio, found at

The article noted that the perceived change in consumer attitudes (e.g., a return to “old fashioned” values to build lives of purpose and connection) isn’t a fad or whim — or even relatively new.  Although the “Great Recession” has some influence, the authors suggest there’s more to this “Spend Shift” movement and that it is here to stay.

Brand Attributes: Kindness and Empathy (up 391%)

How does this relate to your marketing program?  Or, interactive touchscreens for that matter?

This Spend Shift movement reflects an interest in products and brands seen as “friendly”, “high quality”, and “socially responsible” (as contrasted with “exclusive”, for example). These brand attributes highlight what people are defining and desiring in today’s consumer marketplace.

Does your marketing program recognize this message?  The Spend Shift movement will create opportunities for those organizations reflecting these “new” (or, perhaps more accurately said, newly expressed) values.

Interactive touchscreens not only allow you to engage your’re able to ask questions, seek feedback and provide value-added information.  Each of those activities let your consumers know that your brand is focused on creating a connection.  Add in the desire for a more creative lifestyle and one that is socially responsible and… your ability to provide an interactive experience with “green” features such as “print on demand” and e-brochures not only provides cost-savings but actually enhances your brand as it provides you with an  opportunity to meet today’s consumer expectations.

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