Sales Training: How Do You Communicate Your Advantage?

Sales Training: How Do You Communicate Your Advantage?

Robert Clay, in his Marketing Wizdom Tips No. 1 & 2, suggests asking yourself, “Why should someone buy from me?”

Their unique Selling Proposition is very clear!

There are a number of components involved, in order to answer that question, including a Commitment Statement, a journey “Behind the Scenes,” a Positioning Statement and an irresistible offer.  Have you developed any of those components? 

And, more importantly, how do your salespeople articulate these components?  Are they able to communicate your advantage to every prospect that walks in the door?  Interactive touchscreen systems can help; however, how your sales force addresses the components is critical.

That’s where sales training comes into play! Everyone in your organization needs to be able to easily and clearly communicate your selling proposition — and you need to be able to coach your agents through the communication process.

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