Retail Wait Warp: what can you do?

Retail Wait Warp: what can you do?

Retail wait warp? Is this some new Star Trek activity?

Not really, but…the term implies changing your retail customer’s perception of their time in a checkout line.

No one likes waiting in line; that’s something everyone agrees on. We can also agree that the checkout line experience heavily influences your customer’s opinion of the entire shopping experience.

A recent Irisys blog notes, “People’s perception of elapsed time when waiting is fairly accurate up to a minute and a half; after this point, they tend to over estimate how long the wait was.”   In a sense, people’s wait perceptions get exaggerated (one might even say warped!). Thus, it’s even more important to proactively manage the experience.

There are a variety of methods to reduce perceived wait time. POS activity (messaging, for example) is a possibility — as is having staff members interact with shoppers when possible.

Key, however, is a single file line — or multiple lines with a specific target. A single line removes any question about who is next in line.Uncertainty generates anxiety — and that anxiety negatively influences the experience. Multiple lines with a single target allow your shopper to select a line and know that it will be effectively managed, as well.

Managed lines maximize the wait warp as everyone senses the process is optimized. The wait experience itself is warped!

Talk to us here at CPS about QuikLine — warp your retail stores with automated line management!

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