Remember the Say Hello! to a Lifestyle blog?

Remember the Say Hello! to a Lifestyle blog?

That blog was only a few days ago so…hopefully, you remember it! Optionally, you can scroll down and read it!

Whole Foods: Using technology to establish a connection

A key thought, based on reading The Power of the Post-Recession Consumer, is the change in behavior known as the Spend Shift as today’s consumer looks for a lifestyle more oriented towards community, connection and quality

If you think about today’s retailer line-up, Whole Foods has to be near the top of a list of retailers well situated for this Spend Shift.  Take a look at their website,, and you’ll see stores offering community Open Mic nights so local musicians have a performance venue (complete with coffee and wine-bar) — as well as offers to local farmers to investigate selling their quality, locally grown crops. 

We might argue Whole Foods takes connection to a new level, too.  Their new Customer Comment Boards are designed so shoppers can ask questions, post comments, recommend products and thank employees.  They’ve always had some sort of communications board — for flyers, sale brochures and the like.  Now, they’re using technology — an  interactive touchscreen system —  to continue to establish connections!

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