Redefining Creative ….

Redefining Creative ….

Read another great AdAge blog article about a month behind, It’s Not the Size, It’s How You Use It, by Rob Gatto. Too cute, isn’t it?

But, he had some interesting points centered around the idea that brute-force messaging isn’t effective.

Engaging Your Consumer…Not Yelling a Message!

Well…what is meaningful for a consumer?  Gatto suggests interactive experiences are what people prefer.  That’s the type of messaging that reflects the way consumers live today: social, mobile, participatory, fun…and smart. 

And, that means dynamically created, personalized, requiring action on the part of the consumer.  Touchscreens do those things as they actively engage consumers.  Touchscreens ask questions; wait for responses; allow shoppers to make selections; offer a way to annotate floorplans, maps, drawings.  They narrowcast (they’re not yelling the same message to everyone, in other words). 

It’s not just delivering an impression…today’s creative has to make an impression.

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