Queue Management Enhances Your Customer Experience

Queue Management Enhances Your Customer Experience

It’s been said that “creativity can be time-consuming!”

So..in an effort to assist in the creative thinking process, here is an outside the box digital signage solution to help you differentiate your business and more effectively engage customers.

QuikLine: Improved wait time; enhanced customer experience

Everyone waits in lines…whether the grocery store, DMV, sporting events, big box retailers. 

Generally, few of us will report a good “line experience.” As James Bickers, DigitalSignageToday.com’s contributing editor reminds us, “The psychology of the customer experience says that when things are bad, it’s noticed right away; but when things are good, they often go unnoticed.”

When considering lines and looking to improve the customer experience, why not add digital signage to the queue?  Instead of having customers wait and wait and… add digital signage to the process to logically queue customers and send them to the first available location. And, while customers are waiting, engage them with messages, specials, images, too!

The effect: enhancing the wait process and reducing your customer’s perceived wait time.  A win/win for this creative use of digital signage.  Technology enabled the task (better queue management) to be accomplished and your customer experience has improved, too.

Let us know if you’d like information regarding CPS’ creative QuikLine solution tool — effective line queue management software utilizing off-the-shelf hardware.

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