Perspective on the Buyer’s Journey

Perspective on the Buyer’s Journey

Most sales agents know, when talking to a potential customer, they should be interacting from the perspective of the “buyer’s journey,” rather than a “by the rules” sales process.

Not everyone, however, has an understanding of how purchase decisions are made durin that “journey” and how creative sales/marketing tools are available to facilitate that decision making process.

CPS SalesTouch: an interactive, visual sales tool

To better understand the psychology behind why people buy, Gareth Goh at Insight Squared suggests several ideas that we related to CPS sales/marketing products:

  • Buyers respond psychologically to visual elements and stories: We’ve talked about it previously; buyers (particularly women involved in new home purchases) are drawn by stories as they picture themselves experiencing similar events. And, while facts and figures are important, the buyer’s purchase process is facilitated by images. Take a look at the SalesTouch system displayed above; can’t you imagine being part of that cheering Rodeo crowd or taking a walk along the trail?
  • Buyers crave value: Buyers are motivated by the thought that they are receiving as much value as possible.  Value isn’t a fixed dollar amount, however — it is a relative assessment. Why not highlight community amenities, neighborhood “hot spots”, schools in the area through an interactive exploration to increase your community’s value?  Your buyers will keep peeling the onion to find out more and, as a result of their exploration, obtain additional value.
Selling skills and processes are key to being a successful sales agent — but so is having an understanding of what motivates buyers and having tools on hand to develop that process.

Interested in learning more about adding visual elements, stories and a value proposition to your sales office experience? Contact CPS for SalesTouch details.

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