Organizational Celebrations — Scaling the Gong!

Organizational Celebrations — Scaling the Gong!

Just received an email from Williams-Sonoma (“the source for gourmet foods and professional quality cookware) celebrating founder Chuck Williams’ 100th birthday.

“That’s nice,” I thought and then, “that’s really cool they’re sharing their corporate celebration with everyone!

Celebrating! Whole Foods Comment Board Anniversary! 

Celebrating corporate events seems a somewhat grey area.  When organizations are small, every sale is celebrated, every birthday gets a cake.  Gongs clang, there are all sorts of special clapping ceremonies and congratulatory emails flow throughout the organization.

Then, time goes on, the organization grows — multiple offices, different shifts, people start working remotely. Celebrating diminishes as size, logistics and all sorts of other things seem to get in the way.

But, we need a way to scale the gong! Because celebrating isn’t just for the moment; it is a motivator, a team builder, a way to share in the success of others — ultimately, driving individual and team performance and satisfaction.

Given the importance of celebrating sales wins — and other events — you have to ask, “How am I going to be able to keep on top of this?” There are all sorts of answers; we’ll mention just one: CPS CRM emails key contacts whenever there’s a home sale or closing.  Automatically; you don’t need to do anything other than celebrate!

And, while we’re at it: CPS is celebrating!  30 years since we were founded in 1985.  And, we’re recognizing Customer Comment Board and SalesTouch installations. Take a look: we’ve scaled the gong by sharing!

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