New Marketing Channels: Customer dialogue is critical

New Marketing Channels: Customer dialogue is critical

Go Interactive and Generate Dialogue!

Just finished a great article: The New Campaign Management Mandate by Forrester Research. Lots of great suggestions about rethinking traditional approaches to marketing campaign management.

Forrester mentions there are now a “dizzying array” of channels and tools available to reach consumers… placing the consumer in the driver’s seat as far as marketing focus.  Forrester suggests this environment makes touching a customer easier but.. is a much more complicated life for marketers. There’s the question of direction, integration and a minimum!

Amongst the challenges, Forrester suggests, is that, “emerging channels are under utilized for customer dialogue.”

Have to go back to an earlier CPS blog regarding helicopter friends and their influence — and how businesses can harness that influence through interactive touchscreen use. Helicopter friends Tweet, Facebook post and the like — they’ve been called prosumers!  They broadcast information regarding likes, interests and…your products!  And, that broadcast message can be haphazard and unfocused.

Why not harness and direct these messages? Ask for comments; provide an easy way to Tweet your product? Plan on Facebook posts? You can effectively implementing a process for customer dialogue in an emerging channel!

Well-designed interactive touchscreen systems will help this process.  They’ll present you..message, brand, products.  And, you’re able to harness your consumer’s interest to generate more messaging.  We’ve said a Tweet or Facebook post is a today’s version of the referral.  Using an interactive touchscreen system, your shoppers can open a dialogue and broadcast your brand!

Then, you’re achieving some of Forrester’s objectives: engaging your consumer and providing relevance, personalization, and collaboration.

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