New Home Sales Agents: Is there a Tablet in Your Future?

New Home Sales Agents: Is there a Tablet in Your Future?

We’ve been talking about the Tablet Revolution over the last several weeks and… we wanted to check if you think there’s a tablet in your future? And, if the answer is “Yes,” how will you use it to sell?

Stainless or Black Appliances? Tile or wood floring? All here!

CPS has been putting SalesTouch featuring large, interactive touchscreens out into new home sales offices, information centers and leasing offices for about 4 years. 

Everyone tells us: People want the touch experience! There’s no getting around the popularity of the SalesTouch experience.  Prospects like the interaction, they want information more quickly than a brochure typically provides and they like to self-serve.

Now, SalesBuilder Mobile is ready for the sales office! It puts all your community information in front of the prospect and makes it interactive in really exciting ways.  Wonder what the Plan 2 kitchen would look like with stainless appliances and a tile floor? And, what the cost would be? It’s all there at your fingertips!

So…here’s the big question for sales agents: how would you use SalesBuilder Mobile as part of your presentation? Introduce the community and let them self-serve? Or, use it during a home tour?

Will you be in Orlando for IBS2012? You’re invited to stop by our booth (W4943) and let us know how the Tablet Revolution can help you sell more homes!

If you’re with your construction team: send them over, too!  We have FieldConnect Mobile for them — lot-by-lot construction scheduling on iOS and Android tablets!

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