New Home Marketing: Put Walkability in Your Buyer’s Sights

New Home Marketing: Put Walkability in Your Buyer’s Sights

Did you happen to see the recent Builder article, How to Make a Home More Appealing to Millennial Buyers? Redfin’s Whitney Bennett suggested several ways to make a home more Millennial friendly.

SalesTouch highlights your community’s walkability!

In an earlier CPS Solutions blog (you can read it here), we mentioned the author’s first sales/marketing point: Create an Open Floor Plan and highlighted how CPS’ interactive touchscreen system, SalesTouch, with its mix/match floor plan and drag ‘n drop furniture features helps buyers imagine and design their new home consistent with their interests.

Another Bennett suggestion is to Tout Your Community’s Walkability.  What’s particularly noteworthy about this idea is that the Boomer demographic is also becoming interested in the livability features associated with new urbanism and considering moves away from the suburbs.

SalesTouch is particularly effective in showing buyers that your community is “close to everything” of interest: shopping, dining, recreation, transportation. Interactive touchscreen systems are particularly good at narrowcasting — allowing home shoppers to focus on those items of particular interest.  Are you an Arts and Culture fan? Just as easy to see the museums, concert venues and studios in the neighborhood!

One extra benefit of highlighting walkability: Bennett suggests each point on your community’s walkability score can can increase a home’s price by an additional $3,250!

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