New Home Agents: How to Start the Conversation with Co-op Agents

New Home Agents: How to Start the Conversation with Co-op Agents

Do you recall the recent statistics from a recent Visual Capitalist article regarding Millennials and co-op agents?

They’re pretty striking:

  • 90% of Millennial home shoppers use a co-op agent
  • 68% interviewed only 1 agent!
Offer needed resources to your co-op team!
How can you, as a new home sales agent, tap into this valuable traffic and sales resource?
It turns out many resale agents tend to shy away from showing new homes — and there are very specific steps you can take to unleash this source of traffic and sales! Let’s take a look at a couple:
  • Resale agents aren’t sure what to expect from an on-site agent.  In fact, many aren’t sure how to setup an introduction!
  • Typically, resale agents don’t get into the financing process and some aren’t clear what is involved in the qualification process
  • Many co-op agents aren’t sure how to find out information regarding standing inventory and homes under construction?
Why not use your CRM system to auto-generate emails to every co-op agent bringing in a prospect? You can thank them for the visit and let them know you’re available to discuss the community, pre-qualification and inventory. Offer to keep them up-to-date as new homes are released, too. 
Then, do a bit of research to obtain contact info for local co-op agents and use the same CRM system to introduce yourself and extend an invitation to a community tour complete with information packet detailing your community, introducing your lending team and highlighting your on-line inventory resources.
Remember: co-op agents need to be able to sell your community, homes and features just like you do! Make it easy for them by providing the materials needed. 
And, make sure your CRM system enables you to identify and track co-op agents and their prospects. Then, you can send targeted emails as well as manage special events and get-togethers.  If you need assistance, talk to us about CPS CRM — designed for homebuilders with the tools needed to reach this co-op agent audience!

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