Multifamily Properties Find Value in Interactive Touchscreen Presentations

Multifamily Properties Find Value in Interactive Touchscreen Presentations

People ask us, “Does an interactive touchscreen make sense in a multifamily development?”  In other words, they’re asking does a touchscreen system offer any advantages compared to a topo table or traditional brochures it a cost effective choice?

Interactive touchscreens: Providing value-added information

The answer — based on almost 5 years experience with both touchscreen systems and multifamily properties — is a resounding “Yes!”

What does this new marketing tool bring to a leasing office?  We think there are at least 3 key points:

(1) Interactive touchscreen systems engage prospects from the minute they walk into your leasing office.  They’ll start touching your product as soon as they walk up to the monitor — and continue touching it to find out information. 

They’re engaged and inquisitive — we suggest comparing that type of behavior to a standard brochure or wall-mounted renderings for a minute.

(2) Well-designed interactive touchscreen systems provide value-added information that encourages prospects to think about living in your property: amenities, local “hot spots”, recreation — whatever appeals to your demographic.  And, this information “builds” your brand as being knowledgeable and in touch with your demographic.

Are you right in the midst of a burgeoning “arts scene” — let your prospects know this with both visual cues as well as information about what’s available in the neighborhood!  Now, your prospect can start thinking about attending openings, taking classes, going out to dinner — as a result of your property!

(3) Interactive touchscreens answer questions immediately and can create a sense of urgency.  Your property will go from an amorphous 750 units to just 2 when a prospect “searches” for a 2-bedroom with a pool view! 

That capability to “create urgency” also works to your advantage as prospects “self-qualify” and take up less agent time.  You’re adding a virtual agent to your staff!

We’ve always said a well-designed interactive touchscreen system is more than just a pretty face; now, you know some of the reasons multifamily executives are selecting them for their new properties!

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