Multifamily Amenities Marketing: Pet Spas Replacing No Pets Allowed

Multifamily Amenities Marketing: Pet Spas Replacing No Pets Allowed

Believe it or not, it’s only been about 20 years since “No Pets Allowed” signs were commonplace in the majority of multifamily properties!

Today, you’ll see an abundance of pet-friendly communities offering a wide variety of amenities to entice pet-owning prospects to become tenants.

Making Your Property’s Story Engaging and Visually Appealing!

What do you know about Pet Spas? For one, they’re becoming more and more available at high-end properties.  Pet Spas provide a range of services from self-serve washing stations to specialized care and treatments by professionals.  Need to board for a week? There are facilities right at the property.

Pet-owning tenants are drawn to properties that cater to human as well as pet needs.  By providing these amenities in addition to concierge services, sports bars and in-property office space, developers are meeting lifestyle needs.  Today’s pet owners frequently see their pets as family members — and desire property services meeting their needs for convenience as well as providing essential peace of mind.

Looking for an engaging and informative way to highlight property amenities to prospects? We suggest an interactive touchscreen system capable of telling your neighborhood and property story — as well as offering full details regarding floor plans and availability.

CPS’ SalesTouch system can be wall-mounted or offered in an easy-to-use kiosk or topo table style. We offer real-time integration with a number of 3rd party inventory/availability software packages, too.

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