More on Spring ’16 Home Sales: Is a Reality Check Needed

More on Spring ’16 Home Sales: Is a Reality Check Needed

Super interesting BuilderOnLine article recently by John McManus, Spring 2016 Pain Points — with some good commentary afterwards, as well.

SalesTouch: delivering your value proposition message

McManus asks, As a builder, what’s your biggest worry in Spring 2016?  And, he offers 4 possible answers: Lots, Labor, Lending, Demand. He suggests most builders would answer: demand.

But, he asks: is that really the case? There’s been demand since early 2014; although, he argues, in only certain market segments. If those segments were your segments: all good!

Some builders focused their efforts (throughout the organization) on lower margin product and they’ve been able to find and satisfy demand at the entry level. It isn’t, McManus suggests, going to be that straightforward for others to successfully satisfy the lower margin market.

Where is your organization in terms of meeting demand this year? There can be internal constraints (organization, product, execution, profitability) as well as externals such as interest rates, consumer credit scores and area-specific economic issues (such as those currently impacting oil/gas-centric areas).

SalesTouch Mobile: Enhancing every consumer touch point

And, McManus suggests, not only do you need product that meets your buyer audience but your buyer expects you’ll deliver on a promise to help him/her improve their own value as a resident.  

Where are you? Is the Spring 2016 the market of 2014 or 2015?  Or, are your revamping how to interact internally and externally with the home buyer? How are you telling your story — and is it delivering on your unique value proposition?

Take a look at SalesTouch — we think CPS can help you effectively deliver information — product, location, design, function and features — in a focused manner designed so your home shopper gains confidence in your ability to deliver the value proposition.

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