More on Millennials & Housing: Location Valued Most

More on Millennials & Housing: Location Valued Most

Have you seen the most recent Builder & Developer issue? Great article by Meyers Research: The Perennial Millennial!

Millennials value Location most – SalesTouch can tell your story!

As we’ve noted in earlier blogs: millennials will shape the housing market for years to come. This group may have delayed home buying beyond previous generations but…they’re ready to buy!

Meyers suggests that we knew home buying was a priority but..55% want to purchase within the next 5 years!  An even more striking statistic: 25 million plan to purchase within the next 3 years!

There’s frequently  debate regarding what is most valued by this demographic — square footage, open floor plans, amenities, location .. the list goes on.  Meyers reports that location is first in their list of priorities — followed by price and outdoor space.

How to tell a location story effectively in your sales offices?  We’d like to suggest SalesTouch — CPS’ interactive touchscreen system.  Present your surrounding area — and let your home shopper determine what is most important.  Schools? Shopping/dining? Recreation? Or, just the variety of opportunities?

A Sales & Marketing Ideas article titled Engaging Today’s Home Buyer with Technology that Works points out, “Regardless of age, geography or economic status, today’s home buyer is empowered by an unprecedented level of access to choice and information. In other words, your home buyer operates with a belief that virtually anything they want is at their fingertips!” We can help tell your location story by touch!

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