More on: Marketing to Millennials

More on: Marketing to Millennials

Interesting recent article from Quosol regarding your sales and marketing approach to Millennials.

Did you know Millennials are now almost 25% of the US population? That’s about the same as the Boomer population — we’re experiencing one of the largest demographic shifts in modern history.

Quosol suggests Millennials think and act differently than the rest of the population — and that we all need to learn about how to sell to this increasingly important marketing demographic. Several key thoughts emerge as key to making sure your organization is Millennial-savvy:

  1. Millennials have grown up with a focus on them — and social media has only intensified that by putting them under a microscope.  It’s the gate keeper between the sale and them.  As a result, communications need to be relevant and personal. It’s about capturing their attention!
  2. Millennials do their research — and 80% of their purchase decision is made before they become a lead. 60% say they are often or always loyal to brands that they currently purchase — often putting quality over price.
  3. Millennials are beyond tech savvy — technology has been a part of their entire life (some were playing with cell phones instead of traditional toys!). You’ll need to marketing in ways that are their way of communicating — employing digital as a part of the sales process.                   
CPS’ Social Media Wall: Putting Technology to Work!
30% of Millennials use 4 or more technology devices a day & check their smartphones at least 43 times a day!

We suggest incorporating CPS’ Social Media Wall —  an engaging, ever-changing display of shared customer experiences encouraging businesses and their audience to create a new type of digital story. Take marketing messages and display them side-by-side with consumer generated content, such as photos and videos, from popular social media sites like Twitter and Instagram. 

The result? Technology providing a shared, creative process fostering an ongoing, engaging customer experience — exactly the type of sales experience your Millennial audience rewards!

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