Mobility: What Benefits Are Available for Construction Operations

Mobility: What Benefits Are Available for Construction Operations

Did you see last week’s blog highlighting the value of mobility tools to the construction industry?

Nile Lars suggested, in an Insights.Wired article, that mobility solutions add real value to the construction process.  Generally, construction-related businesses are managing multiple projects, in a variety of locations, with most staff working remote — and all participants have a need to communicate status, results and financials.  Depending on the project, you might also want to add in vendors to the mix, as well.

FieldCollaborate Mobile:  Anywhere/anytime schedule access

Lars suggests several key benefits available throughout the entire construction life cycle:

Improved communications as mobility keeps the field and corporate office connected.  Easy sharing of data and images as everyone has anywhere/anytime access.

Better workflow processes as a result of real time data.  Field managers, for example, can indicate a task has been completed and approved for payment and, using mobile devices and an integrated system, accounting can issue payment.

Increased productivity.  Think improved efficiency, no more double data entry, missed phone calls, lost faxes and the like!

Ability to integrate systems and outside staff. Now that field managers and corporate staff have anywhere/anytime access to data, why not offer access to your vendors?

And, mobile tablets and smart phones offer the ability to go beyond data: field managers, for example, can capture onsite images, videos and audios to back-up activities onsite as well as distribute to corporate staff.  Document sharing is becoming more and more popular, as well.

Mobility enables  field staff  and vendors to be active participants throughout the enterprise — saving time, enhancing communications and strengthening workflow processes.

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