Millennials and the “most convincing advertising”?

Millennials and the “most convincing advertising”?

Just saw an interesting blurb:

“The most convincing advertising of all is seeing your own friends buying, wearing and using the product.  We engage with our peers through social media, I’ve bought countless items because of what I’ve seen on Instagram alone.”
What do you think?  
Wendell Falls, NC – Social Media Wall
Many argue that millennials use social media not only to keep in touch with their circle of friends and family but to document experiences through photos and text.  
Historically, individuals enjoyed seeing their interests gain traction from their surrounding social circle — whether friends, work colleagues or family members. 
Technology has enabled that process to embrace ever-widening circles and become an influential source of information, product marketing and influence.
Take a look at CPS’ Social Media Wall combining traditional marketing copy and images with social media messages from Twitter, Pinterest, etc.  
The result: a dynamic marketing channel projecting vibrant and ever-changing messages — many of which are created by your audience.

The Wall attracts attention by the very aspect that it responds to an audience need for new information. Trade static, passive signage for a continuously evolving set of photos, copy, video and customer-submitted (and curated) messages — and watch the level of consumer engagement grow!

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