Millennial Marketing: Highlight Your Features in Language They Use!

Millennial Marketing: Highlight Your Features in Language They Use!

Did you see the recent Sacramento Bee article: Elk Grove millennials buck national home ownership trend in a big way?

Author Thomas Oide cites’s studies indicating Elk Grove (a suburb south of Sacramento) is the No. 1 city in the country for homeownership for those under 35.  That’s the Millennial demographic everyone is focused on!

Millennials favs: large, open spaces, multi-functional rooms — check! attributed the high rate of Millennial homeownership to the strong Sacramento job market (finally!) and relative proximity to San Francisco. Note: median home value is $390,000.

Not every community has the San Francisco factor available for their marketing campaign, however. Builderonline offers suggestions for the rest of us in Redfin’s Whitney Bennett’s How to Make a Home More Appealing to Millennial Buyers.

We’ll focus on Millennial-friendly Suggestion #1 and follow-up with others, soon: Create an Open Floor Plan.

Bennett says most younger buyers are interested in large, open spaces with fewer walls and partitions. Why? They like entertaining in large spaces and are also interested in multi-functional rooms.

How to market that open floor plan? Let’s look at a recent CPS SalesTouch installation at Cornerstone Homes’ new Agave community in North County San Diego. You’ll notice an open first floor area as well as a second floor flex space.

Now, image your home shopper going one step further and interacting with the floor plan, using the drag and drop furniture feature, finding the floorplan meets their lifestyle objectives!  As a builder, your’re letting your home shopper dream and create their new living space!

And, it’s in a “language” they understand — interactive technology. This is the generation that grew up with iPhones and iPads, after all.

Encourage your Millennial home shopper to create their lifestyle using interactive tools — moving away from the standard brochure plan by mixing/matching structural choices, adding furniture, marking up the plan — and making it their own!

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