Millennial Homebuyers Say: Show Me Some Flexibility!

Millennial Homebuyers Say: Show Me Some Flexibility!

There’s no doubt about it: millennials (those born between 1982 and 2000) are a key home buying demographic.

Trying to wrap your arms around this 82 million-strong group isn’t easy.  As Sarah Unger, VP of insights and strategic planning at Ketchum Global Research and Communications notes, “This demographic is very diverse, which makes it very hard to pin down on any one type of housing style.”

One concept, however, emerges from a variety of market research studies according to a recent Builderonline article: the desire for flexible spaces and adaptable floor plans.

Show Millennial Homeuyers the Flex Options!

Most builders offer a number of structural option choices in their floor plans — effectively providing buyers with customization options.

Unger notes, “71% of buyers surveyed say it’s important for their home to have the ability to be personalized and they’re willing to pay for it.”  

And, Unger goes on to say, buyers are willing to “spend up to 22% of their home-buying budget on cusomization options suited to their needs.”

How do you communicate what’s possible — and communicate effectively to your millennial home shoppers?

The Blog has highlighted previously the need to offer different types of shopping experiences for different buyer profiles.  Millennials shop online, they shop experientially and they seek alternative information-gathering processes.  What better way to indicate your flexible and adaptable floor plans than an interactive presentation via kiosk or iPad?

Adding Furniture to the Homeshopping Experience!

And, while you’re at it, why not include CPS’ SalesTouch Move-it/Move-it feature allowing them to add their furniture into their newly created floorplan?

Now, you’ve provided the millennial home shopper with an easy-to-use shopping experience highlighting your adaptable floorplans and letting them visualize how their new home works!

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