Memorial Day 2014: Honor and Remembrance

Memorial Day 2014: Honor and Remembrance

Memorial Day has been set aside as a day for all of us to remember the sacrifices made for our country by our military and to honor their memories.

Korean War Memorial — Washington DC

Traditionally, we recognize members of the CPS family who have served our country.
Two family members served during World War II and this year is particularly memorable with  the 70th anniversary of the D-Day landings.

Bob’s father, Robert S. Musa (US Marines, retired) was a Pearl Harbor survivor and spent his World War II days throughout the South Pacific. Zoe’s father, Charles Miller (US Army) served in the Philippines. Memories of their service years served as a constant throughout their lives.

We remember and thank these CPS family members for their military service:

Bob Strickland, US Air Force

Chris and Dave’s father, Michael Lott (US Navy, retired)
Michele’s father, Robert DuBois (US Air Force)
Michelle’s husband, Jerry Stone (US Navy)
Sean’s father, Chris Miyazaki (US Air Force, retired)
Troy’s brother, John (US Air Force)
Zoe’s brother, Wilson Miller (US Army)

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